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Jun-24-2011 By Serious Surfer

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Those of us who share a passion for surfing know what an exhilarating feeling it is to catch that ideal wave. We spend a lot of time picking out the perfect board and a lot of time waiting for perfect wave. Since a lot of us do not live right on the water, finding a way to transport our surfboards can be a daunting task. We put a lot of time and maintenance into our boards and the last thing we need is to get to the water and find our surfboard is gone or that it takes so long to get it off the rack that we missed the opportunity to surf.

There are several different styles and kinds of surfboard racks, some being better than others. The two most prominent types are hard and soft racks. Hard racks have a more sturdy construction and the price tag to go with it. If you are willing to spend the cash it is possibly a better option for those who surf often, as it provides a greater ease of use. Some hard racks also require your vehicle to come pre-installed with a luggage rack or something of that sort.

However, if you are looking for versatility, ease of use as well as stability, a soft rack is the best option. It is also the only option if your vehicle does not have a pre-installed luggage rack as you would otherwise risk damage to both the vehicle and the board. Soft racks usually consist of a high quality strap that runs through the vehicle and allows the board to slip into place. It also provides the ability for uses on multiple vehicles which is a huge bonus. Soft surfboard roof racks are an excellent value for the price. It is also important to note that with the use of a soft rack, snug is the key. Too tight and you risk damage to your board

One surfboard roof rack that I trust and I think every serious surfer should own is The Block Surf Single. It provides a light weight design, with ease of use, and reliable stability. This roof rack works with virtually all automobile makes and models. It is affordable and will provide you the comfort or knowing  that your surfboard is secure while in transport and is easily accessible when ready to catch some waves. It also allows up to 3 boards to be carried at once while its big brother, the The Block Surf Double allows up to 6.

I think this is an absolute must have for anyone on the market for a quality surfboard roof rack and who is serious about catching the perfect wave rather than spending time figuring out how to get to one.

Also, for those of you completely new to surfboard racks, here is a good video tutorial I found on YouTube.

Check back soon for reviews on other surfboard racks, as well as trends and forecasts in the industry in search of the best hard and soft surfboard racks out there!

Click on the link for surfboard racks for you truck/van, scooter, bike, and for you wall.

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shoOFF! Surfboard Wall Racks

Jun-25-2013 By Serious Surfer

14d51fe6f3e3b71 shoOFF! Surfboard Wall Racks 

7zippy shoOFF! Surfboard Wall Racks

When it comes to wall racks you have a few different options. You can go for the traditional wood Hawaiian Gun Racks look where the wood grain says it all – you like to surf and life is chill and relaxing. On the other hand, you just bought that $650 custom short board that you are shredding every day, and you are young and want your board to be displayed in a modern light. Entre the shoOFF! single board wall racks.

These shoOFF! racks are made form Polycarbonate plastic, so they are very tough, and screw into your studs like your other wall racks. We checked them out and you can get them in black or clear plastic. In our opinion when you have your board on the wall, you either want the rack to look awesome or you want the rack to be hidden. These racks display the top or bottom of your board well and they are very subtple (see picture).  Here is our  review breakdown:


  • Modern look, black or clear
  • Subtle once the board is mounted, shoOFF! your board and not your racks
  • Strong polycarbonate construction


  • Injection molded plastic might not be your # 1 green choice of surf rack

Bottom Line

  • These are cool racks, if you like what you see, go for it!

shoOFF! racks can be found here. 


SUP Wall Storage Racks

Jun-25-2013 By Serious Surfer

14d51fe6f3e3b71 SUP Wall Storage Racks SUP Wall Storage Racks

So you just bought your brand new SUP and it wasn’t until you got it home that you realized it was slightly bigger than you imagined. If the fact that it extended three quarters of the way across the width of your car wasn’t enough, now you want to hide it (safely) when you are not charting new territories in the ocean. SUP storage is definitely a big concern these days, so we checked out the new Paradise horizontal storage racks for SUPs.

This Paradise SUP rack is unique because it not only provides a way to store your board horizontally on your wall, but it also has handy clips to attach your SUP paddle too. This rack is perfect for those of you who have open wall space in your garage to store your SUP horizontally rather than on the ceiling.

These racks are not carried by all surf stores, find them here. 


Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Dec-23-2011 By Serious Surfer
83countdown 300x223 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Countdown of the Top Surfboard Racks


After reviewing hunderes of surfboard racks on this site and having awesome feedback from all the readers, as well as tips to some of the best surfboard racks on the market, we decided to do a little countdown of the top surfboard racks for the year. Believe it or not, every single rack you see on this site we have personally used in one way or another. After reviewing all the products, it’s clear that the best rack is one that keeps your board safe. After all, a rack is a small investment in keeping your surfboard it top shape for years to come. Below we list the best rack for each type of catagory: soft, hard, wall, and ceiling. After each of our top picks, we will also include the cheapest model for you budget shoppers out there and explain a little about each one. So lets get started on this exclusive list:

Top Soft Surf Racks

A soft rack typically includes some type of foam padding with an attached strap. And since most of the brands all use the same material and basic strap system, our favorite comes down to the way in which it works. That being said our favorite soft surfboard rack at the moment is the Creatures of Leisure Wrap Rax. The Creatures of Leisure rack allows you to really tighten down the strap system, keeping the board safe and secure. It also uses covered buckles, which will keep the metal off your surfboard and is a huge plus.

creatures of leisure wrap rax 150x150 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Creatures of Leisure Wrap Rax


Of course, if you are in need of a good, solid, and cheap soft rack you still can’t go wrong with the Block Surf Single Rack. We have discussed this rack before, its basically your cheapest soft rack and features one large simple strap with two buckles. You first throw the pad on your vehicle and then run the strap through the inside of your car and then through the first strap. This keeps the pad tight to your car. Next you place your surfboard on the pad and then run your the remaining strap over your surfboard and then through the final buckle. This is what keeps your surfboard attached to your car. Cheap, simple, and easy to use, you still can’t go wrong with the Block Surf Single or Double. The double actually utilizes three straps, one around your roof of your vehicle, and one for each stack of surfboards.

Block Surf Single Rack 150x150 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Block Surf Single Rack


Top Hard Surf Racks:

Hard surf racks can be either be complete systems, or a simple rack system that you attach to already mounted racks. For instance, one of our favorite hard racks that mounts to your typically SUV rack is the Thule 809 Double Decker Surfboard Carrier.  The Thule rack, like most hard racks, attaches to the crossbars of your SUV rack system. Once attached with the Thule, you can now lock your surfboards in place. These types of racks are great for cross country as they require no further fidgeting once in place. The ability to lock you surfboards, especially while traveling, is what makes the Thule a top pick.

Have no SUV but still want a cheap hard rack system? Block Surf makes a decent hard rack, called the Block Surf Surfer Rack that be easily attached to the roof of almost any car or even truck. This rack has a two unique strap system. The first set of strap attach to the inside gutters of your doors with the other hold the surfboards in place. We have seen that some vehicles do not allow the straps to fit all the way in the gutters meaning you will have to get the “thru the vehicle” system straps that also work with this rack. Therefore you really have two different ways to mount this rack to your car or truck. This rack is definitely great for a long haul.

Block Surf Sufer Rack 150x150 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Block Surf Sufer Rack

Top Wall Surf Racks:

Very hard to pick out some favorite wall racks as they all have their own unique purpose and aesthetics. If you looking for a good, solid, metal, and black rack, you serious can’t go wrong with Gatekeeper Racks. Or if you like the wood type style, the Hawaiian Gun Racks are great as well. If you don’t like either metal or wood, you can also go with a more modern approach and get a Nice Rack, which is made from high impact plastic. It really just depends on your own unique style. Some things to keep in mind before purchasing a wall rack is how you want it to be displayed and how often you will be taking it on and off the rack. This will help you choose if you want display it on rail, traditional, or even at a down angle. For instance, we like down angle and vertical racks for surfboards we use all the time. On rail racks are great for keeping boards stored up out of the way, and traditional is a good way to stack multiple boards.


nice rack triple Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Nice Rack Triple Horizontal


Top Surf Ceiling Racks:

Ceiling racks are by far the best way to keep you boards safe and out the of way. We prefer to use them for off season storage of for the old logs we don’t sue anymore. One of the coolest setups we have seen is the Gatekeeper Ceiling Rack. This rack obviously attaches to any ceiling, but also utilizes are really neat bolt on system in which you can add more racks and thus store more boards. For instance, check the picture below and you can see how you can store say two shortboards and a SUP board all hanging from the same rack. This setup can really save you some space if you have quite a collection. From what we can tell 3 boards are the max, 4 and it seems like there is just too much weight on the rack that attaches to the ceiling.


gatekeeper ceiling rack 150x150 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Gatekeeper Ceiling Rack


For the cheaper version of the a good ceiling rack, we like the Calfin EZ Ceiling Rack. A simple galvanized tube wrapped in foam to protect your board. Does’t get any simpler, cheap, and works just as well as any higher priced rack. You can get them for either your shortboards, longboards, or even your stand up paddle board.


Calfin EZ Ceiling Rack 150x150 Top Surfboard Racks for the Year

Calfin EZ Ceiling Rack


Well there is our list of our top surf racks for the year. If you have any other favorite racks please let us know! Remember, if you ever construct your own rack system, let us know and we will put pictures up and share them with everyone. If you more of the Do it yourself kind of person, check out our do it yourself category and build your own. Cheers and happy new year.

standard p 300x168 Locking Surfboard Racks: Steelcore Security Straps & Racks

Steelcore Locking Security Straps


Imagine stopping at the local supermarket to pick up a few things on the way home from a day of surfing, only to your surprise, your pized board, and not too mention prized investment, has been ripped off.

Thankfully all of us here at the surfboard racks blog have never been a victim of surf board theft, although we have all heard the horror stories. Which is why we have decided to hunt down and talk about the best traveling locking surfboard racks we could find.

If you do a quick search on the web, you really wont find too many locking surfboard racks. Most are made for you beach house or home, but many wont lock your surfboard when you are traveling. If you are serious about locking your surfboard when your on the move, we highly recommended you grab yourself some Steelcore Security Straps, shown above.

The Steelcore Security Straps work the same ways as most surfboard straps in the sense that they use the cam buckle. You simply thread the strap through the buckle and close the latch. The only difference is that after you shut the latch, you can now lock it keep anything wrapped in their grip safe and secure. Think someone could just cut them to get to your surfboard? Think again. The straps are made out of steel, making them nearly cut proof, even with bolt cutters, making them the ultimate locking straps. They also come in 9, 12, and 15 feet for locking just about everything you have.

To learn more check out the Steelcore Security Straps pics and pricing.



tailgate p 300x168 Locking Surfboard Racks: Steelcore Security Straps & Racks

Steelcore Tailgate Rack


Steelcore also makes a locking tailgate rack as well that works in the same manner. Simply wrap the strap around your tailgate, slide your surfboard into the top strap and lock away. In order for someone to now steal your surfboard they have to take your tailgate as well. To learn more about the Steelcore Tailgate Rack check out the pics and pricing page.

Steelcore aslo makes locking soft surfboard racks for you car, as well as locking surfboard carries for your SUV. Both work in the exact same manner as existing soft surfboard racks and pads, but with the locking cam buckles.



softrack p 300x168 Locking Surfboard Racks: Steelcore Security Straps & Racks

Steelcore Soft Racks



rackpad p 300x168 Locking Surfboard Racks: Steelcore Security Straps & Racks

Steelcore Rack Pad


No matter how you carry your surfboard, if you to keep it safe, be sure to check out the Steelcore Locking Surfboard racks. Keep that board safe and as always, happy surfing.